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Castle of Fire - current version, 1.2

Castle of Fire is a tribute to the Atari 2600 game, Dragonfire.
See below for screenshots...
Download below!
You are a thief who has traveled to Castle of Fire to achieve where many Knights have failed; To steal those evil dragons' treasures!
How high of a score can you get?

The concept of this game is the same as the original. You run from bridge to dungeon. Once inside the dungeons you must take all of the treasures before exiting to the next bridge. After you lose all of your lives you may enter your name in the highscores list... that is, if  you make the list ;)

DOWNLOAD: CoFv12.rar

Screenshots of Imagic's Dragonfire on the ATARI 2600:

Click HERE to see screenshots from 6 other console versions, including; Commodore 64 and ColecoVision.

Screenshots and Videos

This is me facing the final dragon in Castle of Fire...

I made this video when the game was about 50% finished. The music used is by my AGS friend, JDinky (forum name).

ver1.2 Progress

Castle of Fire v1.2 is now released.
Download link is above.
Please enjoy! 

The (hopeful) final version will be released tomorrow.
Recently there was a major issue where the game would run slow in the later dungeons of the game - rendering it frustratingly unplayable. Chris Jones (the creator of AGS) had a look at it and found that it was something wrong with AGS v2.72 (the version I was using) and recommended either updating my script manually or upgrading it with AGS v3.0.2. Of course I took the easier route (pure laziness) and upgraded.
This worked perfectly. The game didn't run slow what so ever. So after further testing and adding in a few minor things, it is finally ready to be released.
Before I upload it tomorrow, I'm still going to test it a little more and see if there are any last minute things I'd like to fix/polish/add.

Alright. No release today. I've finally decided to take my thumb out of my, well, you know, and add a "fry" sound effect when you get hit. So now, while at the same time write down things I'd like to polish up/test, I need to add the sound in the game... in each level. ALL of them. Ergh. Next time I'll be sure to make a global function for when you get killed, this way, if I ever want to add anything (ie; SFX!), I only need to do it once. Besides, it's the easiest and most organized way to do it - why I didn't long ago, I don't know.

So, I won't be able to work on it this weekend. Well, I don't want to speak too soon, maybe I might. But definately EARLY next week this v1.2 crap will be finished (hopefully Tuesday).

Let me tell you, though; it's a heck of an improvement from v1.0 and v1.1.

If you guys don't enjoy it this time around, fine, it's okay, but at least give it an honest chance.

Additional music that was needed is now finished and implemented into the game.
NOTE: I decided not to do a soundtrack player right now (planned below). If people suggest a soundtrack player then I'll do it. It's just going to take me a lot more time to make it and learn to do it correctly - I just want to finish this game.

Only a few more things to take care of.
Within the next couple days this final version
 should be released.

All I need to do now is:
* Find music for the Practice Mode screen and Dragonball Gauntlet (final name).
   Hammerblade is unable to do the music.
   Since I do not want to wait any longer to see if someone else can whip up some
   original tunes (just want to get this game behind me) I'm just going to find some
   off of the net - most likely from NES games.
* Make a Soundtrack player screen (might end up being a seperate download)
* Test test test!

Alrighty. The release date should be this month, so stay on the lookout. Or not - it's up to you.

Dragonball (mini game) is finished to say the least.
The only thing else that is new that I have to start is the HOW TO PLAY screen for Dragonball. Other than that I just need to fix a few things, smooth 'em out, play test some more and release the stupid thing.

If you read below you would have known about the 2 modes I was going to put into Dragonball; Playing for fun and Playing for keeps.
I finally decided not to do this and did something different. For each point you are ahead of the Gauntlet it adds to your "Earned Points". With these earned points you can select different costumes to wear during Castle of Fire. It's pretty neat, I think, and came out pretty good. It's not that big of a deal and some people might think that it isn't very rewarding for perfectly beating the practice mode stages, but it's still pretty cool. The biggest reward in my opion about beating the practice mode stages perfectly is that you'd be better at the actual game. So there you have it.

More progress has been made. I'd say Dragonball is just about finished. What I need to do now is work on the scoreboard after the game times out. I think there might only be two options to play. Playing for fun and playing for keeps.
Note: The follwing is not yet concrete. It may change later on...
The playing for keeps one will give the player plus or minus points when completed. These points will go by how many points you are ahead of in the gauntlet. For each point you have ahead, you will be given 100pts for the Castle of Fire game. For each point you are behind you will start out in CoF with -100pts.

This is all still an idea. I don't know whether this will work out so great, but maybe I can have the player play for Costumes instead. And these costumes will be able to be worn during the dungeons scenes in Castle of Fire - instead of this being an easter egg.
Hmm. I kinda like that idea better.

More progress on Dragonball has been completed. It's just about finished. I've just got to play-test it a little more and see what needs to be done to it before I continue with the rest of the game and get it polished and ready to be released again. 

Hello there!
Progress! I've got a lot more finished with the game itself and a little on the mini game, Dragonball as well.
Expected release date is no later than the end of this month.

It's looking pretty good and I feel the difficulty has improved. It's still hard, but easy where it should be. For me, anyway. We'll see what the players have to say.
One main
thing I will talk about right now is the "end" of the game.
Before, when you completed all rooms, you got rewarded with extra lives, bonus points and then sent back to the very beginning.
To be perfectly honest, I never liked the idea of sending the player back to the very beginning. They JUST went through all of those levels to make it to the end and now they're sent back! If I remember right, there were only one or two people that commented on this - and I knew exactly how they felt.
So what I've done is given the player the option to Exit the Castle or Continue (like before) but above these options is displayed, "The Black Dragon isn't finished with you yet!". The Black Dragon is the last dragon you face and so every dungeon from that point forward is the Black Dragon until you lose the rest of your lives. I love this instead of starting from the beginning.

Mini Game:
Not sure if I'm keeping the name, "Dragonball". I might change it to something like, "The Gauntlet", "Gauntlet" or "Dragonball Gauntlet"...
I've changed the arena quite a bit. I took out the Dragons gaurding the Ball and the ball's container. No more work on it has been completed since.

List of Updates:
So far there are plenty of updates and I will list them all that are finished:
-Practice Mode - now players can practice their weak points

-Bridges are now easier to pass
-Put 3 extra lives back into the game
-When you adjust the game's brightness it now saves itself so you don't have to
  constantly adjust it when launching the game externally or reseting from
  within the game.
-You can now skip the scene when Thief  walks up to the door in the intro
-Each line of dialogue is now skippable instead of skipping the whole conversation
-When getting Game Over it now plays the Game Over music instead of the music
  that was playing when you lost your last life
-The Highscore Screen has its own music when being viewed from the title screen
-Raised the volume of the SFX
-Added "foot stomp" SFX for Dragons
-PAUSE (finally got it to work!)
-No longer get killed by spikes while invincible
-Treasures are now animated
-When all rooms are completed, the player now faces the Black Dragon over and
  over again instead of being sent all the way back to the beginning (so it's now
  more like Dragonfire)
-Adjusted the walkable area around the entrances and exits of all dungeons

Things Planned:
-Character Select Screen (easter egg #1) - instead of remembering which key
  (1-7) is which character, the player will actually see the characters to choose from.
-Finish Dragonball
-SPRINT button - I'd like the player to be able to sprint while holding a certain key.
  This would definately come in handy on the bridges. Not sure if I can do it yet, but
   I'm definately going to try...
-Soundtrack Player - the soundtrack to this game is exceptional and I'd like the
  players to be able to listen to them without actually playing the game. I'm thinking
  This will be a seperate download.
-Randomized Fireballs - I'd like to try and randomize the fireball's release so it's
  not almost the same every time.

More work on the bridge scenes have been done. It's miniscule, but makes a difference in patterns. What I want to accomplish is to try to eliminate patterns in the fireballs. This was once an issue since when people figured it out, it was child's play to get across every bridge.
The difficulty is the same, except the release of the fireballs initially.

What's New in version 1.2?
Progress: About 80%

Difficulty: In the first version, players had mixed feelings about the diffuclty. Some, in the beginning, felt it was extremly hard and than too easy once they got used to it. Eventually they were getting through the game 4 times while still having eight lives and then killing themselves just to stop playing. In an attempt to try to even this out in ver1.1, I had taken out the extra lives and increased the difficulty on the bridges by changing the timing for when the fireballs shoot. This attempt failed since almost everybody found it way too difficult to even get passed the first bridge - when infact nothing was changed on the first bridge ;)
So in version 1.2 I put three extra lives back into the game and slowed down the fireballs. It seems to be a little easier to get passed now. After more play testing, after the other things - listed below - are completed, I will make sure everything seems better than what it was and release it again - for, hopefully, the final time.

Practice Mode:  This option consists of 5 stages. One for getting used to the controls, jumping, dodging fireballs, facing a dragon and etc. These are all designed to help the player get better if they are having trouble completing stages in the actual game.

Unlockable mini game: Now what's even better, when the player completes 4 of the 5 practice stages perfectly they will unlock a little game called, Dragonball (working title). This is still currently being worked on, so at it's basics, it consists of stealing a ball from one side of the arena and putting it in it's container on the other side of the arena - all while not getting hit by the dragons or enemies... or the ball blowing up in your hands. This game will just give the player something extra to do if they'd like. There will also be different modes the player can play in as well. For example, in one mode, for each point the player has higher than the Dragons, they will gain 100 pts to start out with in Castle of Fire (idea is still in it's early stages).

Practice Mode Screen