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SnakePit Entertainment Presents...
a graphic adventure by Thomas Provencher and David Olgarsson

One leap... could change everything.
It is said that a man, decades ago, threw himself off of Leitor's Edge in an attempt to commit suicide.
His body was never found.
Near the edge laid an empty bottle of Brandy, with n
o evidence to show that he had left town.

Presently, out of local folklore, The legend of Leitor's Edge is a common favorite amongst the youth of Leitorville. It would suggest that Leitor's Edge is a gate to other worlds and a possible key to all the wonders of the universe.

Ignoring the fact that he is grounded, Seth Reece sneaks out of the house, more or less with the help of his little brother Danny, to meet his friend, Nicholas Butler.
They ride their bikes and follow the fading path through the woods. They reach the fence that surrounds Leitor's Edge, brushing against the sign that reads, "NO TRESPASSING", as they climb over.

Later on, to their suprise, a policeman comes out of the woods with a flashlight. Both boys scatter and go their seperate ways as to not be found. Feeling cornered, Seth makes the decision to jump off the edge, soon hitting the water.

Fresh cut lawn...

...warm daylight...

...the old white Station Wagon...

..."Is it a dream?", he wonders, forced to squint...

...eye contact...'s like the dream he's had numorous times around this time, except this was different...

...squishing in his sneakers...


...darting through the park, he bumps into somebody and falls down. "Are you alright, kid?", asks the man holding a reel-to-reel...

...if it were to change...

...dodging through passing traffic, like a football player, he had made it...

...had changed to green...

...there he was, driving up the road before his eyes...

...he hesitated.

Seth pukes up a gurgling scream and snaps awake on the sandy shore below Leitor's Edge. After regaining a sense of where he is, Seth heads back to the path where he and Nick ditched their bikes.
The bikes are gone. Nick is nowhere to be found.
Facing the raw fact that he is going to get it for good this time, Seth heads for home on foot.

Arriving back in Leitorville, Seth can sense something is wrong. Something feels off balance.
He doesn't know what it is... but will soon find out.

Game Features:
*Classic point and click graphic adventure game - in the sense of the Sierra and LucasArts classics
*Take a ride on a non-linear course sporting a new "Choose Your Own Adventure Book" feel not yet used in any AGS game (now debatable).
*Multiple paths and endings
*Beautiful atmospheric soundtrack by Marcus Krupa
*320x240 screen resolution
*High Color
(features in dark yellow are not yet set in stone since the rewrite)

(c)2008 SnakePit Entertainment/Wicked Ace Entertainment

Click the picture to download the APRIL FOOLS "GAME"


Contact Us

Got any questions regarding the game? Contact either me or Dave and we'll try to respond as quick as possible. 

Thomas Provencher:

David Olgarsson:


       Finished and Near Finished Backgrounds

Seth's house

                      Concept Art

On top of Leitor's Edge, looking down into the alcove 

Sketch of what Seth's room might look like

Background sketch of the outside of Seth's house.

Sketch of Danny's bedroom (Seth's younger brother).

         Old Screenshots & Music Samples

                                                     Title Screen
                                  Seth Reece's neighborhood, Leitorville.
                          This background music is no longer for this scene...
                                 An opening scene on top of Leitor's Edge
      Song for this part of the opening sequence (Seth and company on Leitor's Edge)
  In-game Seth and a sketch of Seth during the old opening sequence - now rewritten.

NOTE: All sketches and background art is subject to change. 


It's been an awful long time since I updated this site. The project is not dead, just back in limbo. I've been busy with other things lately so I've had no time to sit down and work on LE again. I thought of it a couple days ago and thought how much I wanted to just finalize the story just the way it is and just DO IT. I've always got to make things perfect (in my mind) and I'm pretty sure, and my wife will tell you that it IS the problem, that worrying about getting the story perfect is what has weighed this game's progress down since 2003 O_O

I think I may just have to realize that the story, no matter how it turns out, will NOT be perfect, at least in my eyes. I just need to GET ON WITH IT or let it go.

Time for an update, no? A few months from now it would be a year since the last update... how time flies.

I am no longer working for Ethan Damschroder on his commercial remake of, "A Night to Remember". He has moved past that and is now working on a new commercial game called, "The Philanthropist". It's sounds very exciting and if it is anything like he had told me about a while back, it'll be a great game. Keep an eye out for updates on the AGS forums.

Back to Leitor's Edge: The last two days have been very productive for the story. Things have been improved and added on to, it's very nice. I must also finally mention that I am working on this game alone. All by myself. David is a very busy guy at the moment and I can't seem to get a hold of him long enough to discuss the game. So at the moment, I am doing this alone.
I did have some help a while back from an AGS member, RickJ, which was very nice of him... he was super helpful.

Until next time...

A few months after the last update we're finally nearing the end of our recent problems. The dilemma I spoke of previously is over with. Did you hear that? OVER WITH.
I am pretty confident that the problems that came about after the rewrite are smoothed out (which came un-noticed up until the dilemma). The last thing we need to do is sew together a couple important details about the two characters I talked about back in July of last year. They are two important characters and their stories need to be fixed up a little bit (since the dilemma, a few things had changed).
At the same time we also need to work on some major geography - the town and surrounding areas.
After that is squared away we can finally get working on the new storyboard. Hopefully there won't be any more major holes in the story that will bring this to a screeching hault again.

VERY long time since the last update.
Nothing much has changed with the dilemma, we have managed to spew a couple ideas that might actually solve it, but we've been busy doing other things lately.

Ethan Damschroder and I have been working on the Remake to his adventure game, A Night to Remember. All production on the sequel has stopped. So with this and other things that have to do with real life, you know, stuff that doesn't involve using a computer, heh, I have not done anything with Leitor's Edge in a long time. I think it's actually been a few months now that David and I have even swaped ideas around.

Don't worry though, Leitor's Edge will never be cancelled. Unless I go blind of course... or lose all my fingers. But even then I think I would give the game entirely to David. Hopefully he'd find someone to help him out and maybe even finish it!

Until next time...

Been a long time since the last update. This time it IS because we haven't gotten anything done. We're still stuck on that one major piece of the game. Niether of us have come up with anything that'll plug the hole, but plenty of ideas have been strewn about, nonetheless.

Lately I have been working on graphics for Ethan Damschroder's sequel to
A Night to Remember, so I've been pretty busy myself (as well as David - he's got his own things going on too). Ethan plans on announcing the sequel's production on the 30th of this month, so if you enjoyed the first game, be on the look out next Wednesday.

Hopefully soon David and I will crack this problem of ours. I'm sure it'll be something that clicks one day and everything will fall together. Yes, hopefully soon. I started thinking about it last night for a bit while reading OLD LE stuff, which has gotten me in the right mindset again. So for the third time, hopefully soon we can get past this dilemma and continue where we left off.

So until then...

We've hit a road block with a major piece of the game's story. Everything else has been haulted until we resolve this problem. It's funny that after completing everything that we've completed, we're just now noticing something we've obviously missed long ago.

I can't tell you what it is that is the problem, but I can try to explain:
We've got two main "objects" that are conflicting with each other. One "object" is "used" through the entire game and the other is "used" at both ends of it. We can't get rid of either because they are both what this game revolves around. At the same time, as they stand right now, we can't have them both in the game without creating numorous plot holes.
So what we are going to do is, try to somehow create a "bridge" to connect these to pieces so that they are able to co-exist in this story without having to make any major changes. There will be minor changes, but they shouldn't be anything that effects the work we have recently completed.

So until next time, keep your fingers crossed.

Hello again! Just wanted to give a quick update. Dave and I are just about finished with these last two characters. Finished enough where I am going to go ahead and start writing down the game's first draft.

Hello there. It's been a couple months since the last update. Don't let it discourage you though, since the last couple months were the most productive for David and I. We have things almost done and ready for planning the game out. We've only got to smooth out a couple of characters' backstories and we're golden.

What does this mean? Well, after a little over a full year of redesigning... We can start working on the storyboard!

Hopefully you're just as excited as we are.

For anyone wanting just a TASTE of Leitor's Edge, you can download the April Fools joke I created. Download is available under the Leitor's Edge logo.


It's been a while since I updated the site. Been a little addicted to an online game called, "FLYFF".
Since last time, David has come up with a great idea dealing with the "mystery" of Leitor's Edge itself (a mystery to you, not us). It's a huge answer to our "how" question. So we've been building on this idea with new plot, motives and new characters that will add more details and depth in the game's complex timeline. I do not want to reviel anything at this point since anything can change. I will say though, that I do not believe that Dave's idea will die out. It's too good. So currently I am trying to organize my thoughts, ideas, objectives, major/minor events, etc... using a tool called, "yWriter5". It's a very cool little tool and I suggest it to anyone else who has problems organizing their thoughts and staying on track.

I still have yet to hear from David again, but until then I will try to do this by myself the best I can. So this is where the project is at this current time.

I also uploaded a new sketch of Leitor's Edge.


Since the rewrite, I have come up with a couple of ideas of how the story will continue, from after about, probably, a quarter or half of the game. I think they might be promising ideas of how to continue the story. David Olgarsson is now going over my ideas and I am currently awaiting input from him.

Today I also u
ploaded the colored background of Seths house from the outside. 

Finished writing the summary of the game.  

Gave a little bit more information about the game, which is what I've meant to do for a long time. 

A background sketch of Danny's room has been added. Danny is Seth's younger brother.

I created a new background sketch. This one is of the outside of Seth's house. It will most likely be part of the intro sequence.

I've been secretly working on this for a couple months now.
Did I infact have something in mind? Yes, I did.

What I've decided, and Dave has agreed, is to rewrite the story. The basic idea is the same, but the storyline has indeed changed tremendously. Everything is coming together quite well and I'm really enjoying it. I like it a lot better than before.

This is the last attempt at a rewrite. This is the new story.

I won't say much, but I think I've got something in mind. 

Ah, yes. This was once one of the most anticipated adventure games back in '03 (and to a few, it still is).
Nothing has been done with this game in a long time, but it definately hasn't been forgotten about.
The fact is, it had just gotten too big. I needed a break from it and so started to continue my other game, Castle of Fire, from a couple years ago. I had so much fun making it I didn't want to stop - and LOOK! It's finished!

My partner, David Olgarsson (Wicked Ace Entertainment), and I have thrown ideas around for years with this game and have come close MANY times to thinking everything was smoothed out and ready to be hammered out.
Heh, wasn't it too good to be true just about every time.

Almost every day or night I think about this game and what I can do to save it. I've come across a couple good ideas here and there but I think what keeps messing with me is all the stuff we already have and that I don't want to get rid of. It's hard to let go of ideas and plans that have been around for years.
I just have to learn to start from scratch, I guess, and forget about what we had. I can of course keep most, but not all.